Motion Platforms

Proven-in-Practice Practical Design Performance

Quality Solutions through Design Innovation, Customer Support, and In-House Manufacturing

Industrial Smoke and Mirrors offers a single, complete source for simulation components needs. Professional mechanical and electrical engineers utilizing the latest in engineering software will design your product to exact specifications, which will be manufactured by our skilled production staff. Our manufacturing resources include a full machine shop with the latest CNC equipment including our state of the art laser cutter, an in-house paint and fiberglass facility, and mechanical, electrical, and electronic assembly capabilities.

The standard motion platform is equipped with proven-in-practice interfaces that are compatible with all available motion, control loading, and visual display systems. Integration of a Full Flight Simulator results in frequent communication, coordination, and planning between all of the sub-system suppliers. Industrial Smoke and Mirrors reduces your workload and eliminates integration risk with the standard motion platform.

Advantages and Features of the Standard Motion Platform

  • Outriggers and walkways
  • Safety interlocks on Aft Cabin door and gates
  • Wireways for cable routing inside the platform
  • Copper busbar grounding system
  • Inlet flange for facility supplied air conditioning
  • Closeout panels on all exterior edges
  • Two adjustable instructor seats with linear rail system and position stops
  • Interface mounting to the motion system
  • Non-reoccurring engineering
  • Mounting provisions for the cockpit
  • Cable waterfall
  • Handrails with entrance gate
  • Overhead LED lighting in Aft Cabin
  • Worldwide system certifications to Level D, in accordance with FAA and JAR
  • Proven-in-practice interface with Rockwell Collins Panorama Wide Visual Display
  • Designed to minimize and reduce the total system MOI (Moments of Inertia)

The Upper Platform and Aft Cabin form an integrated dynamic structure incorporating high functionality. The complete structure meets the stiffness demands for the wide visual display systems. The Aft Cabin provides sufficient structure for installation of the projectors directly on top of it, without the need for additional support structures.