Cockpit Assemblies

Cockpit Assemblies

From Single Components to Complete Systems 
Industrial Smoke and Mirrors has the capability to design, analyze, and manufacture cockpit assemblies ranging from bare shells to complete cockpits with a full complement of consoles and flight controls. Cockpits may be supplied with integrated primary and secondary control loading systems manufactured by ISM, or with accommodation for other control loading systems. Commercial and military fixed-and rotary-wing cockpits are compatible with the ISM pilot and co-pilot G-Cueing seats as well as controls linkages (flight controls or driver controls).

Manufacturing techniques feature ribbed aluminum construction with fiberglass overlay using the ISM patent-pending pre-punched rivet saddles that eliminate the need for flanges, forming true squared corners. Combining aluminum and GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) allows us to create components that are lighter in weight and have a higher tensile strength than traditional wood and fiberglass construction. Our construction techniques offer exceptional durability and the highest fidelity available. This technique does not require standard molds that are necessary for conventional GRP modeling, thus reducing the cost for limited-run productions. Additional options include non-GRP coated aluminum cockpits in painted or non-painted finishes as well as marine and automotive applications. We also offer cost effective upgrades to your existing equipment.

Cockpit Shakers

True Six-Degree-of-Freedom (DOF) Motion System
Our proven-in-practice all-electric cockpit shaker is a true six-degree-of-freedom system that is at home in environments ranging from a fixed-base flight training device to a Level D full motion flight simulator. It has been adopted on both fixed and rotary-wing aircraft simulators to provide the cueing required for high fidelity, positive crew training. This system is also adaptable to automotive and marine training devices.


  • Six actuators control pitch, roll, yaw, surge, sway, and heave
  • Actuator elements include limit switches, power-off brake, encoder, and motor over-temperature sensor
  • Electric servo control system with Ethernet interface to host computer
  • Standard system payload capacity in excess of 4,000 lbs
  • Status and safety systems monitor power conditions, watchdog timer, accelerometer, and current draw
Frequency Amplitude Acceleration
5 0.292 0.75
8 0.114 0.75
10 0.073 0.75
12 0.051 0.75
14 0.037 0.74
16 0.028 0.73
18 0.022 0.73
20 0.018 0.74