ISM US Coast Guard HH-60

Industrial Smoke and Mirrors (“ISM”), located in Orlando, FL, delivered to Aero Simulation, Inc. (“ASI”) an HH-60, FAA Level D upper motion platform to be integrated with a Bosch Rexroth electric motion system and the Rockwell Collins 220 x 60 visual display system. ASI is under contract to the US Coast Guard to supply the completed unit to their Mobile, Alabama Air Training Center (ATC).

In addition to the standard COTS upper motion platform ISM has supplied a unique electric six-axis cockpit shaker rather than the industry standard three-axis component. The actuators are oil cooled, extending the component life cycle threefold.

Eliminating the need for the motion system to impart the vibration cues and utilizing the ISM shaker system, which has the ability to achieve up to 20Hz, will result in improved system component reliability. The ISM six-axis cockpit shaker is in use worldwide.

The HH-60 project included redesigning the existing egress ramp, which ISM performed at their in-house facility. The hydraulic ramp actuators control system was removed and replaced with an ISM electric actuation system. The elimination of the hydraulic system reduces maintenance costs, the handling and disposal of hydraulic fluid, and superior performance characteristics.

The ISM electric ramp actuation system has proven field reliability at locations including the US Navy at North Island, SIMCOM training systems and at Transport Canada. ISM is proud to be part of the ASI team which is delivering an exceptional training device to the fine young men and women of the US Coast Guard who serve our country.

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