Automatic Weapon System Platform

  • Designed to realistically simulate recoil for automatic weapon systems
  • Status and control functionality via UDP Ethernet
  • Matches rate of fire of simulated weapon
  • Locally or host controlled, or unlimited firing duration
  • Realistic bolt release
  • Sensors at all student interface points

The Following M240 weapon components have sensors to provide their state:

  1. Trigger Sensor
  2. Top Cover Closed or Open
  3. Charging Handle FWD or AFT
  4. Ammo Feed Tray Loaded
  5. Bolt Assembly FWD or AFT
  6. Safety On or Off
  7. Barrel Locked
  8. Laser On or Off
  9. Ammo Can Loaded (one sensor per ammo can)

Instructor selectable malfunctions:

  1. Misfire
  2. Jammed Chamber
  3. Runaway Weapon
  4. Custom malfunctions can be added

ISM Supplies the following data to the host:

  1. Weapon Azimuth
  2. Weapon Pitch
  3. Ammo Available Count