Digital Electric Control Loading System

  • High fidelity
  • Certifiable to FAA Level D
  • Multiple mounting options
  • System is scalable from one to eight channels
  • Fixed or rotary-wing aircraft applications and ground-based vehicle training systems
  • Innovative, compact, high-force device

The control loading system is a high fidelity digital electric system for providing a multiple channel force feel system for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft simulator flight controls and ground-based vehicle training systems. The control loading computer is a rack mounted PC utilizing a Dual Pentium III (or greater) CPU processor with an inner loop iteration rate in excess of 4 KHz and 16 bit analog resolution. The software model utilizes a coupled mass system that simulates the feel of the vehicles controls, aerodynamic loads, trim, autopilot, boost actuators, cable stretch, and stops, etc. as required for the aircraft simulated.

The standard host interface is via Ethernet although any desired host interface can be accommodated. The standard control loading unit is a compact high force device suitable for all military and commercial aircraft primary flight controls certifiable up to FAA level D. In addition, a smaller lower-force control loading unit is available for use on various secondary controls such as nose wheel steering and toe brakes. The ISM control loading system can be utilized for high fidelity vehicle steering units. Built-in safety features include monitoring the power amplifier internal voltage and output current. Any anomalous or out-of-tolerance condition will automatically shut the system down.


  • 3000 RPM high torque servomotor with absolute encoder
  • 50:1 precision gearbox
  • 360 deg/sec output velocity
  • 2035 lb-in continuous shaft output torque
  • 4871 lb-in peak shaft output torque
  • + 15 to + 40 deg output rotation
  • 702 lb continuous output force standard bellcrank
  • 1680 lb peak output force standard bellcrank
  • Standard with 1000 lb force transducer
  • Size: 8.63 in tall x 8.6 in wide x 15.81 in long
  • Weight: 40 lbs