MVQ+ Multi Cueing System

Unsurpassed Immersion into the Training Environment

The Cockpit Vibration System coupled with the Pilot and Copilot Motion Seats provides the rotary-wing aircraft crew with the most realistic vibratory, impulse, onset, and sustained motion cueing available.

The Cockpit Vibration System is a powerful and robust truncated short stroke six-degree-of-freedom motion system. The system consists of:

  • Six servo actuators with an Ethernet Interface controlling pitch, roll, yaw, surge, sway, and heave
  • The system includes numerous safety and monitoring devices and can accommodate payloads in excess of 4,000 lbs at frequencies exceeding 24Hz
  • Especially well-suited to provide vibratory and impulse cueing
  • Vibratory cues are low magnitude repetitive movements at frequencies below 25Hz including rough weather, blade rotation, out-of-balance rotor, rotor gearbox malfunctions, and tail rotor
  • Impulse cues are one-time events such as bird strikes, landing gear extension, and retraction and landings
Frequency Amplitude Acceleration
5 0.292 0.75
8 0.114 0.75
10 0.073 0.75
12 0.051 0.75
14 0.037 0.74
16 0.028 0.73
18 0.022 0.73
20 0.018 0.74
22 0.005 0.25
24 0.004 0.25
The Motion Seats are replicas of existing aircraft seats both visually and in their human interface, including peripheral devices and adjustment ranges.

  • Fully electric servo controlled seats are equipped with a back pan which imparts surge and sway cues while a seat pan provides heave, roll, and optionally, surge (an adjunct to seat back surge) cues
  • Exceptionally effective in creating onset and sustained motion cueing
  • Onset cues are vestibular cues which impart the sensation of movement to the pilot and are generally followed by a gradual fade back to neutral in preparation for the next onset cue; Sustained cues are onset cues that are maintained for the duration of a maneuver

When the Cockpit Vibration System and the Motion Seats are incorporated into a training device that is coupled with a Visual Display and Control Loading System, the results are an unsurpassed immersion into the training environment.